Conveyor systems have evolved into a sophisticated network of production elements transforming the way goods and materials are moved and handled. Mainway prides itself being at the forefront of conveyor and materials handling innovations, and with innovation comes in addition to their stellar line up of suppliers & distributors with Roach Conveyors.

Founded in 1953 by Gay Roach, Sr., Roach Manufacturing Corporations original purpose was to build heavy duty conveyors to transport heavy bales of cotton. Over 65 years later our purpose may have expanded, but our original goal is the same; To build world class products and meet the needs of our customers. Roach’s commitment to innovation can be seen in their line of Smart Conveyors. This state of the art motorized conveyor system utilizes Ethernet/IP communication, which provides unprecedented control or material through predefined zones.

In addition to our shared vision of innovation, Roach Conveyors also offers a 24 hours quick ship program. Offering over 100 standard conveyor products with little to no lead time including Accumulation, Gravity, Belt, Extendable, and Chain driven live roller conveyors. Along with ‘special’ conveyor units including Glass/Solar, Stacker/Destackers, Turntables, Transfer carts, MDR and Soration.



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