Mainway Designs and Implements Turnkey Conveyor Solution for Expanding Powersports Distributor


Royal Distributing has been in the Canadian powersports industry since 1990, providing a one stop source for a wide variety of quality brand name powersports products and equipment. They offer shipping to customers on all orders, including snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, motocross bikes, bicycles and marine and watersports gear.

Business Challenge

Royal Distributing had grown out of its existing warehouse space and required a larger, more advanced warehouse to handle their current and projected volumes. As the first step in their expansion, an existing building was purchased. Although it met their floor space needs, it needed  conveyor systems to be designed and implemented. Chad Burton the Warehouse Operations Manager at Royal Distributing was tasked to find a suitable integrator to undertake the project.

Business Solution

Mainway brought ideas and recommendations to the table that their competitors did not. Burton commented, “Their proposal was very professional, complete with 3D drawings and their pricing was especially competitive. Plus, their proximity to Guelph was important to us, for when emergency repairs might be required.”

So, a month after purchasing their new building, Royal Distributing brought Mainway in to use their knowledge and experience to figure out how they could best flow product within the building and how they could meet their future handling needs. Burton remarked, “Once Mainway was selected, we worked with them through the design and implementation of a turnkey conveyor system. We were impressed by their knowledge and experience and their willingness to work with us to achieve the best results.”


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Business Results

Mainway was able to meet Royal Distributing’s tight timelines despite production of the conveyor being delayed by a sub-contractor. To do this, Mainway brought in additional installers and worked longer days and weekends to get the job done.

Burton observed, “The quality of their workmanship and the craftsmanship of the installation was beyond reproach. Their willingness to work with us to solve some key challenges, like how to handle pick tower picks with pallet racking picks was helpful and insightful.”

Mainway delivered a turnkey system that included the design, installation and maintenance services for conveyors and the systems that operate them. Burton concluded, “We do anticipate the future will bring further expansion to our building and conveyor system needs, and when that time comes we will certainly call on Mainway’s knowledge and expertise.”

“We are very happy with the quality, craftsmanship and service Mainway has provided. They were responsive and provided a quality system that meets our current and future needs.”

— Chad Burton the Warehouse Operations Manager at Royal Distributing