ASRS: Quick Fix to Your Warehouse Operation
and Application

Looking for the best solution to streamline your warehouse operation and cut labour cost? Count on Mainway Handling Systems for high quality and dependable Automated Storage and Retrieval System.

The ASRS is designed to improve the warehouse processes for smoother and greater efficiencies. This helps eliminate forklift trips to transfer goods to the storage shelves; hence, offering better floor space utilization and maximizing storage capacity in the facility.

An automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) are a computer and robot-aided technology designed to help facilities involved in order fulfilment and warehousing operations to automate and streamline material and inventory handling functions.  

Mainway Handling System’s partnership with the most trusted manufacturers of high quality and reliable ASRS systems options that come with numerous applications to optimize the use of your facility’s space:

Unit Load ASRS

A crane-designed Storage Retrieval Machine or Goods-to-Person System used to handle large and heavy loads, weighing from 1,000 to 5,500 pounds, and store them in pallets or within containers of that size made of wood, plastic, or industrial metal. This type of ASRS system features narrow aisle racks with a height that extends more than 100 feet.

Stable and quicker transfer of goods to and from high-density storage

Handle a wide range of load types, including large items and roll cages

Low energy requirements for operation

Fixed Aisle: Cranes fixed to a single row are designed to go up vertically and horizontally to add, remove, and organize pallet racks or containers with narrow rows between them.

Movable Aisle: Its cranes are designed to move between different aisles of pallets, making them extremely versatile by covering more workspace.

Mini Load ASRS

Although this system works similarly to a unit load machine, it can only handle smaller loads of 1000 pounds or less and store storage trays, totes, and carton boxes.

Minimum learning curve for operation

Improved security of goods

Better space efficiency

Optimize ergonomic operator use

Multiple speed operation

Micro Load: The size of this unit can range from 6 to 72, making it ideal for working with goods-to-person order fulfillment systems. A storage rack structure can be used with this system to eliminate the need for using building columns.

Mini Load Shuttle: Designed to handle packages weighing 100 pounds or less, this system can effectively maneuver in small spaces and allows you to build mixed-case pallets. It is an ideal option for sequencing buffering between operations with various timing sequences. 

Vertical Lift Module: This system features front and back tray columns and a centered inserter/extractor for storing and retrieving trays. This allows you to optimize storage space by placing storage trays in either fixed or dynamic positions.

Horizontal Carousel: This system consists of a series of horizontal rotating bins along a track, which is similar to a merry-go-round. It is designed to maximize space, reduce cost and store goods efficiently between processing steps.

Vertical Carousel: Unlike the horizontal carousel, its design resembles a Ferris wheel. It is efficient for handling small, fast-moving materials, such as documents, and tooling or storing raw materials. This feature is designed to achieve high throughput rates and maximize warehouse space. 

Our team of system integration specialists can help you choose the right automated storage and retrieval solution by analyzing and optimizing your operational and processing needs, from warehouse layout to racking systems. We then introduce automation in your facility using ASRS for storage and retrieval purposes to keep your inventory accurate, instantaneous and have direct access to goods at all times.

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