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Gravity Conveyors are one of the most cost effective and versatile product lines available. These conveyors are excellent for both permanent and temporary conveyor lines often found in warehouses, shipping departments and assembly areas. Gravity curves and spur options can add to the versatility of straight conveyors.

– Economical solution where products must be manually transferred

– Utilized when products need to be manually rotated or positioned

– Multiple ball spacing choices, lengths and widths available

– Common applications include workstations, assembly lines, manual product staging and feeding

– Economical solution for manual product transport or gravity flow

– Versatility allows items from small to large and light to heavy to be handled

– Supports products with irregular surfaces including loosely bagged products

– Common applications include moving or staging products and aiding in the transport of goods

– Economical, lightweight, non-powered conveyor suitable for conveying light products

– Ideal for portable applications

– Close axle centers and tight wheel patterns allows small products to be handled

– Multiple wheel pattern choices for your product

– Built to your length or easily field cut to length

– Common applications include truck loading and unloading, rack-mounted product storing and staging, workstations and assembly lines

Designed to optimize space by providing a 90 degree change in direction to a lower elevation conveyor. Can be combined with a series of individual spiral chutes to achieve a 180 degree to 360 degree system turn and elevation decline.

Powered conveyor
An Energy Efficient Means of Conveying

In today’s progressive manufacturing and distribution environments, designing conveyor systems can be a difficult challenge. Complex problems often need to be solved. Now there is an innovative and advanced engineering solution that meets the demands of a new age in production automation and flexibility.

Belt Conveyor brings increased efficiency to applications such as assembly lines, sorting, inspection and transportation. Belt conveyors provide a versatile means of handling a wide variety of products from bulky boxes and bundled items to furniture, wood sheets, totes and packaged goods.

Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) Conveyor is ideal for transporting loaded pallets, tires, drums, or other heavy items. The welded construction makes it durable enough to handle the harshest conditions. The sprocketed rollers and roll to roll chain system provide positive driving power. Build to order lengths and widths are a standard offering.

Lineshaft Driven Live Roller Conveyor is optimal for conveying light products (15 lbs./roller) at speeds of 25 to 120 FPM. They are designed for flat-bottomed, evenly distributed loads, such as those found in distribution and warehousing, food packaging and parcel handling. One motor can power up to 100 feet of conveyor, reducing costs of power consumption, installation and maintenance.

Modern powered roller conveyor systems use motorized rollers which can be directly integrated into the conveyor frames. With their compact size and quiet, safe operation the 24 volt motorized rollers that power these systems have become the dominant type of conveyor systems in use in today’s high speed warehouses and distribution centers. With sensors and controls, these powered roller conveyors also make sure packages don’t get damaged by crushing against each other. MDR conveyors will be found handling a multitude of products such as bags, batteries, glass, tires and consumable goods and parcels.

Zero Pressure CDLR is a chain driven live roller conveyor divided into individual zones. These zones can be individually driven by a motor and gear reducer in each zone or by a series of pneumatically engaged clutches that are powered from a common drive. ZP-CDLR allows multiple products to travel downstream in singular fashion with each product separated from the others. This can be critical in applications where one at a time release into a special zone is required such as a stretch wrapping zone or inspection station. This style of accumulation also protects fragile products or loads from bumping into one another.

sortation conveyor
Ability to sort thousands of different packages at a time

Modern sort systems are designed to handle packages of varying sizes, footprints, profiles and surface characteristics. Products induct into the center infeed lane in a singulated fashion and then travel through a scanning zone where each product is assigned a sortation route based on barcode data on the package. The packages are then sorted left, right, or center on a ball belt transfer conveyor.

The new High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter continues to rely on the proven, robust mechanical design of its predecessor. However there have been a number of smaller upgrades to make it even more durable, i.e. narrower tracks to prevent items from falling in and obstructing the carriers’ path and to make it easier to stack. All in all, this is still the most reliable Crossbelt Sorter on the market. Thanks to this increase in capacity, the High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter can be used in many more applications and industries, such as heavy-duty CEP or other specialty applications where size and weight of the goods are a concern.

Horizontal crossbelt sorters are characterized by their flexible, space-utilizing routing with curves that also conquer inclines and slopes. Feeds and destinations can be arranged in various ways and optimized to increase the system’s performance. With an appropriate layout, it is possible to create several sorting areas with just one cycle. The horizontal crossbelt sorter is also perfectly suited for small spaces. For example, two crossbelt sorters with identical routes can be installed one on top of the other, i.e., doubled up. Horizontal crossbelt sorters can recirculate goods that have either not been recognized by identification technology or have not been discharged because all destinations were full.

The main feature of the vertical crossbelt sorter with linear, straight routing is its distinctive space-saving design because of its compact, modular approach. For example, a width of just 1.7 m is sufficient to install a vertical sorter with 400 × 400 mm crossbelt carriers. This configuration can also save valuable space, if full containers are transported into the sorter.

This is unique on the market.

Moving the world with ease

For easier manual movement of ULDs, cargo carriers and solid surface pallets, we install a full line of caster deck solutions – from decks to scissor lifts to scales. Each are constructed of heavy-duty steel with non-skid walking surfaces, and can be customized in size with optional roller, caster or ball deck surfaces.

Designed for maneuvering, loading and unloading ULDs, cargo carriers and solid surface pallets. Customized to specific applications and available with roller, caster or ball deck surfaces. Heavy-duty construction for use inside or outside.

Combination caster deck and heavy-duty scale platform designed to quickly and easily weigh large ULDs and cargo containers. Available with caster, ball or roller deck surfaces, to best fit the application.

Adjustable height caster deck designed to provide greater alignment of ULD dollies, trailers and dock heights, for ease in loading/unloading containers. Hydraulic scissor lift ensures cargo is efficiently elevated to appropriate transfer height. Customized deck size is available with caster, ball or roller deck surfaces, to best fit the operation.

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