Gravity Conveyor

Low Investment – High Throughputs and Efficiencies

Gravity Conveyors are one of the most cost effective and versatile product lines available. These conveyors are excellent for both permanent and temporary conveyor lines often found in warehouses, shipping departments and assembly areas. Gravity curves and spur options can add to the versatility of straight conveyors.


– Economical solution where products must be manually transferred

– Utilized when products need to be manually rotated or positioned

– Multiple ball spacing choices, lengths and widths available

– Common applications include workstations, assembly lines, manual product staging and feeding


– Economical solution for manual product transport or gravity flow

– Versatility allows items from small to large and light to heavy to be handled

– Supports products with irregular surfaces including loosely bagged products

– Common applications include moving or staging products and aiding in the transport of goods


– Economical, lightweight, non-powered conveyor suitable for conveying light products

– Ideal for portable applications

– Close axle centers and tight wheel patterns allows small products to be handled

– Multiple wheel pattern choices for your product

– Built to your length or easily field cut to length

– Common applications include truck loading and unloading, rack-mounted product storing and staging, workstations and assembly lines

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