Sortation Conveyor

Ability to sort thousands of different packages at a time
Modern sort systems are designed to handle packages of varying sizes, footprints, profiles and surface characteristics. Products induct into the center infeed lane in a singulated fashion and then travel through a scanning zone where each product is assigned a sortation route based on barcode data on the package. The packages are then sorted left, right, or center on a ball belt transfer conveyor.
High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter

The new High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter continues to rely on the proven, robust mechanical design of its predecessor. However there have been a number of smaller upgrades to make it even more durable, i.e. narrower tracks to prevent items from falling in and obstructing the carriers’ path and to make it easier to stack. All in all, this is still the most reliable Crossbelt Sorter on the market. Thanks to this increase in capacity, the High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter can be used in many more applications and industries, such as heavy-duty CEP or other specialty applications where size and weight of the goods are a concern.

Horizontal Crossbelt Sorter

Horizontal crossbelt sorters are characterized by their flexible, space-utilizing routing with curves that also conquer inclines and slopes. Feeds and destinations can be arranged in various ways and optimized to increase the system’s performance. With an appropriate layout, it is possible to create several sorting areas with just one cycle. The horizontal crossbelt sorter is also perfectly suited for small spaces. For example, two crossbelt sorters with identical routes can be installed one on top of the other, i.e., doubled up. Horizontal crossbelt sorters can recirculate goods that have either not been recognized by identification technology or have not been discharged because all destinations were full.

Vertical Crossbelt Sorter

The main feature of the vertical crossbelt sorter with linear, straight routing is its distinctive space-saving design because of its compact, modular approach. For example, a width of just 1.7 m is sufficient to install a vertical sorter with 400 × 400 mm crossbelt carriers. This configuration can also save valuable space, if full containers are transported into the sorter.

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