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GreyOrange was founded on a fundamental reality

You cannot meet modern fulfillment demands with technology built for a previous era.

Modern Fulfillment Software Meets Modern Technology

GreyOrange combined AI-driven cloud software and smart robotic automation to overcome inadequacies in existing warehouse technology and capitalize on modern market developments.

Ranger™ Assist

Ranger™ GTP

Ranger™ IL

Ranger™ MoveSmart

Introducing Ranger™ Assist

Enhanced by artificial intelligence, the  Ranger™ Assist P2G robot delivers fast, flexible picking assistance enabling collaborative and efficient picking between workers and robots.

Particularly engineered for fast-moving items within e-commerce orders, Ranger Assist is the most advanced and easily adaptable picking robot in the Ranger Series.

Say Hi To Ranger™ GTP

“Ranger™ Goods to person (GTP) is an advanced autonomous mobile robot that uses robotic goods-to-person technology for automated put-away, inventory storage, replenishment and order picking in fulfillment and distribution centers.

Developed in concert with GreyMatter™ AI software and purpose-engineered for speed and versatility, Ranger GTP continuously data-shares with GreyMatter while working in collaborative performance with other robots and the human workforce.

Ranger™ Intralogistic Robots

The  Ranger IL Lift robot is an intelligent and versatile Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) engineered to move a variety of payloads throughout a distribution center. By automating horizontal material transport, warehouses can focus on value-add activities and schedule deliveries more effectively to reduce material bottlenecks.

Ranger MoveSmart – Sorting Robots

Ranger MoveSmart can augment or even replace rigid systems to deliver scalable and portable conveying and sorting as you need it, where you need it, especially when handling peaks. Capable of operating in footprints where rigid systems won’t fit, Ranger MoveSmart helps you optimize current facilities, plus can easily relocate to other facilities as you grow.

Consult with Mainway Handling to leverage these state-of-the-art Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Technologies in Canada. We are at your service from start to finish!