Mainway Pallet Conveyor

Mainway delivers the first set of pallet conveyor systems to Molded Precision Components (MPC). These conveyors are being used in their new injection molding facility that is currently dedicated to producing the Shield-U personal protective face shield that MPC developed in response to COVID-19. This will help increase the efficiency of their processes and help get face shields to those that need them faster. The Shield-U is designed for use in medical healthcare settings, and also has a non-medical version for businesses and individuals that want to protect themselves or their customers and helps them feel safer.

The conveyor being utilized is a two-strand chain conveyor, handling bins that receive parts from an injection molding machine. Mainway are also providing the guarding, installation, and controls integration for this project that is set to completed in shortly. This conveyor design and implementation was chosen because of the variance and unevenness of the underside of the bins being used in the process.

Mainway Pallet Conveyor
Mainway Pallet Conveyor

In addition, the casters on the supports allow the conveyors to be moved to provide accessibility to injection molding machines for service. The castors allow MPC to redesign or change the shape and process of their warehouse on the fly. Mainway is currently underway building the remaining conveyer units to be utilized in MPC’s warehouse operations.

For more information regarding the Shield-U PPE, please look below and you can also find a link to purchase.

Advantages of Shield-U:

Comfortable, two-part construction with adjustable, sterilizable head part and patented ratchet closure, which reliably fixes the protective visor to the head of the wearer without creating pressure points.

  • One size fits all: adjustable headband with patent-pending ratchet design keeps the SHIELD-U in place
  • Soft and flexible material provides comfort fit
  • Easy to clean headband
  • Does not require foam or felt that absorbs sweat and bacteria
  • Superior visor clearance from face allows for additional PPE (safety glasses, goggles, N95 masks, etc)
  • Open top maintains air flow, preventing fogging
  • Easily removable front shield is replaceable
  • Quick, simple user assembly
  • Bio-compatible materials (ISO 10993)
  • 100% recyclable
  • ANSI Z87.1:2015 and CSA Z94.3:2020 Standards Compliant
  • Manufactured in an FDA/Health Canada Registered facility (ISO 13485:2016 certified)
  • Available in large quantities

You can buy Shield-U protective face shields by clicking on the link below



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