12 Supply Chain Trends in 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has had lasting effects on the global supply chain and logistics industries. Now, […]
Mainway Fetch Roller Top Conveyor
From smaller, more irregular packages, to new market segments like micro-fulfillment automation, the change driven by […]
Mainway Modula VLM Automated Lift System
Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are integral to the material handling operations in many warehouses and facilities. […]
Mainway Inventory and Itemized Sorting Warehouse
Although what can be construed as a simple layout, this project undertaken by Mainway (in conjunction […]
Powered Truck unloading and loading Conveyor
Automated conveyor systems have revolutionized the material handling process in warehouses and storage facilities. Among their […]
Mainway Automated Trailer Conveyor
In warehousing, time and efficiency are critical. Ideally, you want an intuitive warehouse that operates with […]
Mainway Purolator Distribution Sort Hub
Successful last mile facility installed by Mainway Handling in the GTA. The system was completed earlier […]
Mainway Modula VLM Lift
How to Solve Warehouse Worker Safety & Productivity Problems posed by the Pandemic (Infographic) As the […]

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