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Our conveyor solutions are designed to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and avoid potential safety risks. We have the right products to address specific needs, including time sensitive packages and fragile products that need to be moved with care.

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Product Solutions

BestConnect Rigid Reconfigurable Systems

The BestConnect conveyor is an innovative rigid & modular conveyor system that assists warehouse personnel to sort packages faster and easier. Initially designed for E-commerce, this product is designed to meet your current or future loading or unloading needs during seasonal spikes in demand or for temporary configured applications.

BestFlex Power 1.5” Roller Series

The BestFlex 1.5 flexible power conveyor offers consistency in its high performance and quality for shipping or receiving hundreds to thousands of packages a day. The BestFlex 1.5 model has a maximum compaction ratio to take advantage of valuable floor space.

BestFlex Power 1.9” Roller Series

With its innovative design, the BestFlex 1.9″ power roller conveyor requires less storage space when fully retracted and can service multiple dock doors for maximum productivity.

BestReach Rigid Belt Drive-Out

The BestReach rigid belt drive-out conveyor is designed to reach from a permanent conveyor all the way into a trailer with ease. They are easily powered in and out with no operator effort for improved ergonomics.

BestReach Rigid Roller Drive-Out

The BestReach rigid roller drive-out conveyor is built tough to handle those heavy volume and high impact shipping jobs that run multiple shifts throughout the day. It is the ideal conveyor for packages of various sizes. These conveyors are designed to service 53′ trailers and they allow a single operator to float across multiple dock…

MaxxReach Telescopic Series

MaxxReach is the leader in supplying the material handling industry with high volume loading and unloading solutions.

NestaFlex Gravity Skate Wheel

The NestaFlex 376 AL/FL is an extremely durable, heavy duty, gravity conveyor that provides the strength necessary to handle heavy cartons in high volume applications. The AL in the model name stands for adjustable legs and the FL stands for fixed legs.

NestaFlex Gravity Skate Wheel

The NestaFlex 376PL is the leading expandable gravity conveyor for your high volume shipping needs and can be equipped with several engineered options including guide track and herringbone transition to help enhance productivity.

Support & Maintenance

Mainway’s ongoing lifecycle support & post installation preventative maintenance programs keeps your material handling equipment operating at maximum efficiency.

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