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Mainway exceeds expectations integrating MDR for a major automotive supplier

Major automotive component supplier was looking to build a new sequencing and shipping system for the new year model soon to be launched. They came to Mainway with their RFQ, which was recommending older style conveyor design that had been incorporated into their plant on previous systems. Mainway’s engineer’s introduced their engineers and maintenance personnel to the benefits of Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors comprising of 24VDC drive rollers, poly-V drive bands and drive cards configurable through Ethernet/IP protocol. In addition to the control and maintenance benefits, the total cost installed was lower than that for the conventional style of conveyor.

16 Tips for Compiling an RFP

Writing an RFP or RFQ can be difficult. You want to be sure that bidders understand your requirements, are qualified to handle the project and at the best value for your dollar. To accomplish this, you need to supply potential bidders with detailed and complete information about your need. Here are 16 tips to get the most out of your RFP.