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Mainway Handling Ontario Made Motorized Drive Roller (MDR)

Mainway MDR: The Future of Smart Automated Conveyor Systems

Our MDR can accumulate product without bumping, skewing, or jamming using advanced sensors and controls. Totes, pallets and cartons can be handled simultaneously even when there is a wide difference in weights from one product to the next.

Run On Demand

Our MDR only runs when required to advance product, thereby reducing energy consumption which means a faster return on investment for your business


MDR zones only run when they need to, the rollers normally run 10% to 50% of operational time. You could realize a savings of 30% to 70% in energy savings alone

24V Plug & Play

Our MDR use plug connectors at each end to allow the unit to be set in place and simply plugged into the unit in front of it and the unit behind it to make it work

Preventative Maintenance Program

Greater Productivity and Maximum Uptime

General Program Description

  • One mechanical and electrical inspection of the entire system
  • Detailed “check list” style inspection report for each conveyor
  • A complete written report, including a detailed list of any recommended repair work that may be needed
  • This report will include a quote to perform the above work

Each preventative maintenance visit will be carried out by qualified personnel

ECRA LICENSE # 7014071

Maintenance tasks will include

  • A visual inspection of all conveyors in the system
  • A written report outlining the operational state of all conveyors in the system
  • Removal of chain guards on drives for inspection
  • Electrical metering of all motors
  • Electrical panel cleaning
  • Tighten electrical terminations in the MCP
  • The inspection covers the visible mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical components of the system


  • A written report and quote on recommended work to be done on an individual conveyor level including parts and labour
  • Inspection to be performed during regular daytime hours
  • Minor adjustments and lubrication possible during the inspection

Everything listed in our standard preventative maintenance program covers most of the requirements of a typical system inspection

Mainway can gear and customize a plan to meet your system needs & conditions

Our pricing list

Our expert service and preventative maintenance programs ensure your systems run reliably and efficiently throughout their entire lifecycle

Mechanical Technician

Monday – Friday

7:00 am to 4:00 pm – Regular Time $85.00

4:00 pm to 11 pm – Premium Time 1 $127.50


7:00 am to 4:00 pm – Regular Time $127.50

4:00 pm to 11 pm – Premium Time 1 $170.00

Sunday & Holidays (All Hours)

Premium Time 2 $170.00

Electrical Technician

Monday – Friday

7:00 am to 4:00 pm – Regular Time $115.00

4:00 pm to 11 pm – Premium Time 1 $172.50


7:00 am to 4:00 pm – Regular Time $172.50

4:00 pm to 11 pm – Premium Time 1 $230.00

Sunday & Holidays (All Hours)

Premium Time 2 $230.00

Programmer Technician 

Monday – Friday

7:00 am to 4:00 pm – Regular Time $160.00

4:00 pm to 11 pm – Premium Time 1 $240.00


7:00 am to 4:00 pm – Regular Time $240.00

4:00 pm to 11 pm – Premium Time 1 $320.00

Sunday & Holidays (All Hours)

Premium Time 2 $320.00

ECRA LICENSE # 7014071


  • 4 hr. Minimum charge Regular or Premium hours. (3 hrs. labour + 1 hr. travel)
  • Travel distance charged to & from job site at $0.55/km. Rate per man required
  • Any and all applicable taxes are extra