Mainway Inventory and Itemized Sorting Warehouse

Although what can be construed as a simple layout, this project undertaken by Mainway (in conjunction with 3D Storage Solutions) solved many issues that go unseen in the background. Our customer had more then 10,000 sku’s that needed to be itemized, stocked, located, shelved and above all accessible in an efficient, safe, and timely manner.

Finding the best solution was imperative to our customer’s ongoing and continued success. As an integrator, Mainway pride ourselves on finding the ‘right’ or ‘best’ solution for your needs. This is why we have so many quality supply partners to give the best range of solutions to fit your needs. We do not believe any one product is best for all applications as there are many ways to solve any one issue that may arise in a facility.

In this facility our solution incorporated a combination of standard gravity conveyor, powered roller take-away conveyor, overhead zero-pressure accumulation conveyor and belt decline to floor level where operators will match the picked products with the repair job underway. Very simple but very cost effective.



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