The Shopping Channel

“Mainway took the time to really understand our needs and delivered an exceptional system that has doubled our productivity”
– Sue McGibbon, The Shopping Channel.

When bidding for a job, it’s vital to understand the priorities of your potential client. Mainway understood that simplicity and remaining on schedule, on budget and within the space limitations were key to winning the business – and we did just that!

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This area sees a daily change in product through The Shopping Channel’s Daily Showstopper®. In this fast fill area, orders are manually picked to carts throughout the push-back racking that maximizes the usability of the limited space. Packers then select the carton size for each order and, after packing, place the order on a MDR conveyor leading to a new carton taper. These cartons are conveyed to scanner operators who now find it difficult to keep up with the increased pace of the fast fill area.  This department can now pre-plan shows many days in advance and can process orders for their customers faster than ever!

With limited space for racking, picking, packing and sealing, it was important to deliver a simple solution that would contribute to quick order fulfillment in the daily “Today’s Showstopper” area. After fully understanding The Shopping Channel’s needs, an efficient, yet simple, racking layout and conveyor/packaging system was implemented that allows for additional product space and drastically increased productivity in this area.