Top 4 Reasons for Installing a Conveyor System

Conveyor systems have been around since before the Egyptians used logs to move massive sandstone blocks to build the pyramids. By the 1800’s, modern conveyors were being introduced in coal mines and in 1913, Ford brought conveyors into play on the modern-day production line.

Today, conveyors are commonplace in most commercial material handling industries. They are being linked to computers and robots to deliver even more efficient solutions for moving product or equipment from one point to another.

Industries that Benefit from Conveyor Systems

You can benefit from the installation of a conveyor system, whether your business is:

  • Warehousing & Distribution and you need greater accuracy and faster order fulfillment processing times.
  • Food and Beverage and you need flexible production environments and greater performance from your handling equipment.
  • Automotive and you need precise material handling and sequencing systems for specialized automotive applications.
  • Freight & Parcel and you need speed and accuracy when it comes to processing items with reliable conveyor solutions.

Each industry has its own particular material handling needs, be it efficiency, accuracy or speed. There is a conveyor solution available to meet your requirements, but is it worth it? Let’s have a look.

Top 4 Reasons for Installing a Conveyor System

The reasons for installing a conveyor system are as diverse as the conveyor solutions available, but they all share these 4 benefits:

  1. Increased Productivity

An efficient conveyor system will accelerate throughput by moving goods steadily and quickly from one part of your facility to another. This helps raise production rates, increase productivity, drive higher yields and reduce the need for manual input.

Delivering a continuous stream of goods across your shop floor means work continues at a steady pace, resulting in a constant output. Speeds can also be adjusted to meet your throughput requirements – whatever works for you, to improve productivity.


  1. Greater Profitability

A well installed conveyor system can increase volume output with the same staff levels. It can also decrease production hours required for the manufacturing and handling processes, opening up opportunities for taking on additional work or exploring other opportunities.

Conveyors will help your workforce meet their quotas, taking the pressure off them, while speeding up production without the need to add to your headcount. An efficient conveyor system will also reduce your energy and maintenance costs.


  1. Enhanced Functionality

A well-designed conveyor system will take advantage of unused space overhead. They can be installed on multiple layers over several floors and bend, twist and turn where needed. They will not only save you space, they will deliver improved functionality, giving you the option to expand your operations.

As your goods are being transferred from one point to another on an uninterrupted conveyor system, they remain visible to your workers on the line. This gives workers the opportunity to identify any defective product and take the appropriate action.


  1. Improved Safety

Conveyor systems increase throughput and decrease physical workforce engagement. This not only reduces the need for manual handling of goods on the conveyor, it lessens human exposure to potentially harmful situations, improving occupational health and safety.

A well-designed conveyor system will also bring product either up or down to a level that is ergonomically ideal to the shop floor worker. This will result in less calls for days off due to fatigue or injury, fewer worker’s compensation claims and possibly lower insurance premiums.


What Are You Waiting For?

The benefits of a well designed and installed conveyor system are numerous, from improved efficiency and space optimization to enhanced worker safety. All of these factors have a positive influence on your bottom line.

At Mainway, we embrace modern technology to produce cutting-edge, customizable conveyor systems with exceptional results. Mainway solutions deliver maximum uptime, improved efficiency, increased safety standards and ease of maintenance. Our engineers understand the unique needs of the industries we serve and provide solutions that drive new benchmarks in efficiency and reliability.

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