We’re here to increase your throughput

Mainway Handling Systems will design and integrate an efficient loading/unloading conveyor system for every warehouse, providing an optimal solution for each truck

integrating the right technology is crucial to an efficient & effective automated system

moving thousands of boxes to the right place, quickly & economically is the key to customer satisfaction

  • Reduce employee injuries
  • Reliability with low maintenance
  • Prevent product spills and damage
  • Reduce trailer loading & unloading time

How Can We Solve the


We integrate systems that makes
truck loading & unloading more efficient

These solutions are ideally suited for:

  • Storage space is limited or at a premium
  • Multiple loading or unloading points
  • Capacity flexibility is necessary to cater to fluctuating demand
  • Ergonomic design

These solutions are ideally suited for:

  • Single use operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy-duty robust design
  • Transport of products of all sizes

These solutions are ideally suited for:

  • Decreasing labour
  • Cuts the risk of repetitive stress injuries
  • Leads to lower costs and less downtime
  • Eliminates downtime

Mainway Handling can design & customize a flexible solution to keep your operations flowing