Mainway & Modula VLM Storage System Solutions

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Take Your Material Handling To The Next Level!

Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are fully automated vertical storage systems that take up a minimum footprint. These systems allow for large inventory of goods to be quickly accessible while being stored in a safe and secure environment and automatically delivered to the operators.

Modula Lift

Used by businesses everywhere to modernize their operations

Available in a wide range of sizes and capacity, Modula Lift is the ideal storage solution for industrial products, components and spare parts for all possible environments and industries. With a throughput of up to 130 trays per hour and a tray payload capacity of up to 2,200 lbs, it’s a workhorse of a machine. Like all our VLMs, the Lift can dramatically reduce your space requirements (up to 90%) while increasing the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of your picking operations.

Transform Your Space

As much as 9,050 square feet of traditional storage in only 150 square feet

Maximum payload for every tray width

Robust Modula trays are designed to accommodate heavy loads without strain

Internal or external bay

Internal bays are best for limited floor space applications. External bays allow for fast pick rates, as well as picking aids such as cranes or mechanical manipulators

Increase Picking Speeds

Picking speeds of 300 lines per hour – or more

Increased productivity and accuracy

With simple visual picking aids, operators can quickly and easily identify the items needed to be picked or replenished

Boost inventory management

All picking operations are monitored and documented to offer full order traceability and monitor stock levels in real time

Increased security and a clean environment for your product

Items are stored in a fully enclosed system which prevents goods from being damaged or exposed to dust. Access can be restricted to designated employees

Coordinate with the rest of the organization

The Modula Warehouse Management System (WMS) exchanges information with your company’s ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.), MRP, or other applications