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Enjoy form meeting function combined with incredible engineering

Discover Modula Lift, the innovative vertical storage lift with more than 20 years of success in the market. With thousands of successful custom installations in facilities throughout the world, Modula Lift is amongst the most reliable and advanced vertical storage solution available on the market.

The Advantages of Our Automated Storage Solutions

Modula produces the highest quality automated storage and retrieval solutions designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management. Not only can Modula’s product line help your company recover up to 90% of available floor space

Modula Lift

Product Description

Modula’s vertical lifts are the ideal storage solution for industrial products, components and spare parts for all possible environments and industries. Many companies have chosen Modula to help organize and improve their workflows, thanks to its flexibility, wide range of models available, its superior design and ease of use.

Modula units can be used stand-alone or with the available WMS software to manage the space and utilization of units, increasing productivity further.

We also offer a wide range of options and accessories to provide increased speed, ease of use and productivity in your operation.

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