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Modula manufactures automated picking and storage solutions featuring the most advanced Vertical Lift Modules in the market. Our innovative automated storage and retrieval solutions are designed to optimize space and improve your picking and storage operations.

The Advantages of Our Automated Storage Solutions

Modula produces the highest quality automated storage and retrieval solutions designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management. Not only can Modula’s product line help your company recover up to 90% of available floor space

Modula Sintes1

Product Description

The popular Sintes1 is an automated vertical lift module (VLM) designed specifically for small to medium-sized applications. With its compact size, it is ideal for storing and picking items such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals, and tools. Modula Sintes1 features a modern and sleek appearance, with a coated internal steel structure and pre-coated exterior panels for increased durability and protection. Modula Sintes is manufactured using a state of the art production line, ensuring that each feature functions optimally.

Why Sintes1?

There are many great reasons to choose Modula Sintes1! Small to medium-sized applications can benefit from the convenient size, and facilities of all sizes will benefit from regaining space and increasing safety.

Here are some of the incredible features of Sintes1:

  • Recover space in every environment
  • Save time and increase your operating speed
  • Reduce operator risk
  • Make sure your stocked products are safe
  • Better efficiency with minimum investment
  • Get to control your inventory with a customized WM

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