What are Automated Trailers

Mainway’s automated trailers are advanced transportation units equipped with various levels of automated conveyors, allowing them to load/unload a variety of sequenced components in minutes.

Configurable to Handle
  • Tires
  • Seats
  • Front End Modules
  • Bumpers
  • Engines
  • Instrument Panels
Ontario Made Difference

We support local manufacturing and fostering economic growth in our community by crafting with precision and attention to detail. Our Ontario Made caster decks boast superior quality craftsmanship, engineered using high-grade materials. These decks ensure durability and longevity, standing the test of time in the most demanding warehouse environments.

What is Ontario Made

Ontario Made brings together manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to celebrate all the great things made right here. We are delighted to have several of our products listed amongst the thousands of amazing items Ontario has to offer.

What We Integrate

We design reliable automated solutions for sequencing of components and precise material handling systems

How We Integrate
Needs Analysis

We gather the proper information and data needed to design the automated trailer needed. Mainway Handling’s systems are equipped to handle a variety of input sources, ensuring flexibility in integration with your existing systems.

Customization for Load Types

Our automated trailers are designed custom-built to accommodate the unique needs of your components. Whether it’s tires, bumpers, or seat assemblies, our systems can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Sequenced Loading and Unloading

Our automated trailer systems seamlessly integrate with loading docks, allowing for efficient loading and unloading of sequenced components. Once the trailer is docked, automated mechanisms handle the loading and unloading of goods, minimizing manual labor and streamlining operations.

Integration with Warehouse Systems

For a seamless material handling process, Mainway Handling’s automated trailers can be integrated with the dock and conveyor systems. This integration ensures a smooth transition of goods between different stages of the material handling process, from in process to completed components. 

Continuous Optimization

Understanding the manufacturing environment with continuous modifications, changes can be made year to year with changing weights and sizes of various components such as tire size. We can alter and adjust the automated trailer to accommodate updates in the production line.

Where we keep things moving in sequence 


Meet all your production needs

  • Reduces labour needs
  • Less forklifts needed
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Higher speed and accuracy
  • Optimizes production flow
  • Seamless cross docking

Drive new standards in efficiency and reliability

  • Error free sequenced deliverers
  • Maximizes density
  • Transparency and visibility across production
  • Connect with WMS/TMS
  • Handles range of parts/components
  • Loads/unloads in minutes

Reduce Costs and Increase Safety

Our expert team of engineers can design and integrate a custom conveyor trailer system to suit any production needs while reducing labour, forklifts and costs