What are Caster Decks

Caster Deck Systems are a versatile and efficient solution to move air cargo within warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics facilities. These systems utilize caster wheels to provide easy maneuverability, enabling swift and precise movement of goods.

Ontario Made Difference

We support local manufacturing and fostering economic growth in our community by crafting with precision and attention to detail. Our Ontario Made caster decks boast superior quality craftsmanship, engineered using high-grade materials. These decks ensure durability and longevity, standing the test of time in the most demanding warehouse environments.

What is Ontario Made

Ontario Made brings together manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to celebrate all the great things made right here. We are delighted to have several of our products listed amongst the thousands of amazing items Ontario has to offer.

For easier maneuverability of ULDs, cargo carriers and solid surface pallets. We design, manufacture and install a full line of caster decks solutions

** Shown is a Mainway installation utilizing our caster decks

How We Integrate

Versatile Deck Design

Mainway Handling’s Caster Deck Systems feature a versatile deck design that accommodates various types of cargo. The decks are engineered for durability and flexibility, ensuring they can handle a wide range of loads.

Maneuverability and Precision

The caster wheels enable exceptional maneuverability and precision in material handling. Operators can easily navigate through tight spaces, around obstacles, and position cargo with accuracy. This promotes efficient workflow and minimizes the need for manual lifting or pushing.

Customization for Load Types

Mainway Handling understands that different facilities handle diverse types of cargo. Our Caster Deck Systems are customizable to accommodate the unique characteristics of your cargo. Whether it’s heavy loads, irregular shapes, or fragile items, our systems can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Enhanced Ergonomics

The ergonomic design of Mainway Handling’s Caster Decks contributes to a comfortable and efficient work environment. Operators can move loads with ease, reducing the risk of strain or injury associated with manual handling.

Integration with Conveyor Systems

For a seamless material handling process, Mainway Handling’s Caster Deck Systems can be integrated with conveyor systems. This integration ensures a smooth transition of goods between different stages of the material handling process, from receiving to storage and shipping.

Where we keep things moving


of our robust caster decks

DHL caster deck system
Efficient Material Flow

Streamlines the movement of air cargo and ULDs for efficient material handling.


Accommodates various load types, sizes, and shapes, providing a versatile solution for diverse operational needs.

Reduced Manual Handling

Minimizes the need for manual lifting and pushing, enhancing operator efficiency and reducing the risk of injuries.

Mainway Handling can tailor a bespoke solution to keep your cargo moving