Warehouse & Distribution

Mainway creates warehouse and distribution systems for any application using advanced conveyor and material handling technology

Food & Beverage

Using the latest technology, we deliver cutting-edge, customizable systems and solutions to meet today’s needs and grow with tomorrow’s demands

Freight & Parcel

Our logistics and conveyor solutions drive new standards in efficiency and reliability ensuring correct orders go out the door on time

Automotive & Manufacturing

Designing reliable automotive solutions for sequencing of components and precise material handling systems

Optimize Your Supply Chain With Fully Automated Material Handling Systems

Automated product handling solutions simplify all manufacturing processes from production to shipping.
Take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology to:

Streamline workflow

Enhance customer service

Maximize inventory management and data accuracy through real-time monitoring

Minimize inventory excesses and redundancies

Shorten processing and delivery times

Reduce costs for manufacturing, distribution, and transportation

Reduce worker injuries and strains

Increase worker efficiency and productivity

Improve monitoring and management processes for better product control

We provide fully customized turn-key product handling systems for suppliers and guarantee superior results!

What we offer

Whether you are trying to cut labour costs, increase accuracy, improve output or reduce processing time, we design and install complete integrated systems to meet your throughput requirements – guaranteed.

Why Choose Us

Customizable Turn-Key Conveyor, Automated & VLM Systems with Incredible Business Results


We are integrators, not manufacturers. We source the right System and solution for your needs


We use the latest in technology advancements to deliver cutting-edge systems


We have been doing this for over 30 years and we use our expertise to deliver the custom turn-key system you need


Our solutions deliver proven efficiency gains and measurable cost savings