What is a Pick Tower

A system designed to shrink the dancefloor while optimizing order picking processes, zone picking, and replenishment. These systems feature multilevel structures with strategically placed shelves or bins that house products, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval

Pick and Pass System

Mainway’s Pick Towers operate on the principle of a pick and pass system. Single or multi-line orders are fulfilled dynamically as products are picked and passed to designated stations for further processing.

How Pick and Pass Works

Items are strategically placed within the Pick Tower based on demand and popularity. When an order is received, the system automates the retrieval of items from their designated locations within the tower.

Applications of Pick Towers
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment
  • Retail Distribution
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  • Grocery Distribution

Ready to transform your order fulfillment operations? Partner with Mainway Handling and experience the efficiency of our Pick Towers operating as a dynamic system.

High-Speed Picking

Accelerate order fulfillment with the dynamic pick and pass workflow to ensure high throughput.

Order Accuracy

Real-time tracking and automated processes contribute to precise order picking.

Reduced Footprint

Vertical storage optimizes space utilization, reducing the overall footprint of your order picking area.

Ergonomic Design

Minimize operator fatigue with an ergonomic design that ensures easy access to items.

Ready to transform your order fulfillment operations? Partner with Mainway Handling and experience the efficiency of our Pick Towers operating as a dynamic system.

High-Speed Picking

Order Accuracy

Reduced Footprint

Ergonomic Design


(noun) | dense.ifi.cation 


to condense and optimize the floorspace you have now while boosting efficiency, accuracy, and visibility

i.e. Mainway was able to densify thousands of products into a 4-level pick tower.

How We Integrate
Analyze Data

The process begins with data! This can include order information, product details, and destination data. Mainway Handling’s systems are equipped to handle a variety of input sources, ensuring flexibility in integration with your existing systems.

Dynamic Shelf Presentation

Shelves or bins within the Pick Tower are dynamically presented to the operator. The design ensures that items are easily accessible to the operator, minimizing reach and retrieval times.

Order Consolidation

Picked items are passed to designated consolidation stations. The Pick and Pass System dynamically sorts items based on order requirements, optimizing the consolidation process.

Item Scanning and Tracking

Each item is barcoded, and scanning technology is employed for real-time tracking, reducing the risk of errors in the picking process. This visibility allows for monitoring the status of items, identifying potential issues, and making data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Conveyor Equipment

Mainway Handling integrates cutting-edge conveyor and sortation equipment into the process. Automated conveyors and sorters carry items to their designated locations with precision. This minimizes manual handling, reduces the risk of errors, and increases overall throughput.

Destination Verification

Before reaching their final destination, items undergo a destination verification step. This ensures that each product is correctly sorted and aligned with the intended destination, whether it be a specific order bin, storage area, or shipping lane.

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