What is a PSR

An in-depth examination of the equipment, structure, protective element or process that is carried out by a person or persons who have the qualifications set out in the Industrial Establishments Regulation.

 Purpose of PSRs

The goal of a PSR is hazard elimination or control before the apparatus, protective element, structure or process is started up or used in a factory.

How Our PSR Works

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Safety begins with awareness. Mainway Handling’s Pre-Start Health and Safety process starts with a comprehensive risk assessment. Our experienced safety professionals evaluate the unique risks associated with your warehouse operations, taking into account factors such as equipment usage, facility layout, and task-specific hazards.

Tailored Safety Protocols

One size does not fit all when it comes to safety. We tailor safety protocols to match the specific needs of your warehouse. From forklift operation guidelines to material handling procedures, our protocols are designed to address the unique challenges of your facility, ensuring a safe working environment for every team member.

Pre-Start Safety Meetings

Communication is key to a safe workplace. Before each shift or project, Mainway Handling conducts pre-start safety meetings. These briefings emphasize key safety points, address potential risks, and ensure that every team member is aware of their role in maintaining a secure work environment. These meetings promote a safety-conscious culture from the outset.

Equipment Inspection & Maintenance Checks

Well-maintained equipment is crucial to a safe warehouse. Our Pre-Start Health and Safety protocols include thorough equipment inspection and maintenance checks by a third party. This ensures that all machinery and tools are in optimal working condition, minimizing the risk of accidents and breakdowns during operations.

Continuous Training and Education

Safety is an ongoing process. Mainway Handling provides continuous training and education to keep your team updated on the latest safety standards and best practices. From new hires to seasoned professionals, our commitment to education ensures that everyone is equipped with the knowledge to prioritize safety in every task.

Our protocols are designed to address the unique challenges of your facility, ensuring a safe working environment for every team member

Benefits of our Pre-Start Health and Safety

Elevate your warehouse operations and invest in the well-being of your workforce with Mainway Handling’s Health and Safety protocols.

Reduced Incidents

Our proactive approach to safety minimizes the risk of workplace incidents, creating a safer environment for your team.


Stay compliant with industry safety regulations. Mainway Handling’s protocols align with the latest standards to keep your warehouse in regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Productivity

A safe workplace is a productive workplace. Our safety measures are designed to enhance overall warehouse efficiency.

Discuss how our customized safety solutions can elevate your warehouse operations and create a secure workplace for your team