With global logistics, supply chains and distribution channels turned upside down this past year, online shopping in Canada has increased in areas from 80% to 200% placing a new extreme load on mail couriers, 3PL’s and logistics companies. What is almost essentially Boxing Day level amount of products being distributed on almost a daily basis for the past several months, new, innovative technologies need to be implemented and integrated to allow the flow of products to go uninterrupted and allow companies to focus on the customer experience and customer relations.

However, below represents 7 great options sorting everything from a single business card to apparel, poly bags and mixed loads. Mainway has the decades of experience, the know-how to integrate these various pieces of technology and the follow through to make any current operation more effective and efficient.

Option 1

TGW Systems NBS90SP is the ideal solution for rapid, reliable right-angle sortation of small products in either a single direction or bidirectionally. A series of narrow belts, each with individual take-up, enable the system to precisely track product as it reaches specified divert points. High-friction rollers then rise to grip and divert product at a 90 degree angle in either direction to the  conveyor, chute or directly into a container. The NBS90SP carries product at speeds up to 300 feet per minute and achieves a sort rate of up to 120 products per minute.

Max Rate7,200 CPH
Min Weight0.125 lbs (2 oz)
Max Weight20 lbs
Min Product Size4″ W x 4″ L
Max Product Size13″ W x 24″ L

Option 2

EuroSort Push Bar Sorter is an incredibly flexible and cost-effective sortation technology that excels where other linear sorters fail. The Push Bar Sorter can handle everything from a business card  up to a 50 lb. carton or tote at rates of up to 3000 items/hour. Suitable for applications ranging from retail polybags to outbound post and parcel to packaged food or cases of water and soda, the flexibility gained from the implementation of a EuroSort Push Bar sorter allows your business to continue running even if your product mix changes.

Max Rate3,000 CPH
Min Weight0.025 lbs (0.4 Oz)
Max Weight55 lbs
Min Product Size2″ w x 4″ L
Max Product Size24″ W x 37″ L

Option 3

The EuroSort Push Tray Sorter was designed from the ground up to be a new solution to an age-old problem and represents a unique product for the industry. At its heart, it is a high-speed unit sorter, capable of sorting up to 13,300 items/hour and can handle everything from polybags/apparel/odd-shaped items to heavy cartons, all at the same time. This single push tray sorting unit was designed to help eliminate the need for multiple sorters saving cost and space, increasing productivity, and enabling a more efficient pick.

Max Rate13,300 CPH
Min Weight0.11 lbs (1.75 Oz)
Max Weight40 lbs
Min Product Size1.6″ W x 1.6″ L
Max Product Size24″ W x 26″ L

Option 4

The main feature of Interroll’s vertical crossbelt sorter with linear, straight routing (“above – below”) is its distinctive space-saving design because of its compact, modular approach. A minimum width of 67’’ is already sufficient, e.g., for a vertical sorter with a crossbelt carriage measuring 15.7’’ x 15.7’’. This configuration can also save valuable space, if full containers are transported into the sorter. This is unique on the market. The infeed on the vertical sorter usually starts with an accumulating conveyor in front of the actual sorter – a simple conveyor belt. Operators are able to manually feed goods directly onto this accumulating conveyor – a cost-effective and ergonomic solution. The accumulating conveyor can, of course, also be loaded via semi-automated or fully-automated infeeds.

Max Rate10,000 CPH
Min Weight0.22 lbs (3.5 oz)
Max Weight77 lbs
Min Product Size3.1″ W x 3.9″ L
Max Product Size24″ W x 24″ L

Option 5

Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ technology offers optimized conveyance solutions by providing more functionality and reliability while reducing total system costs. Intralox’s patented Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology enables increased flexibility, high throughput, reduced footprint, gentle product handling, and simplified controls.

Max Rate4,000 CPH
Min WeightNo Restrictions
Max WeightNo Restrictions
Min Product Size2″ W  x 2″ L
Max Product SizeNo Restrictions

Option 6

The Equinox LR-sorter sorts a wide range of products to predefined destinations. The vertical layout enables bidirectional (left-right) sorting, which maximizes the number of exits in a small footprint.

The sorter is built on the slide tray sorter technology and offers a compact solution. Thanks to the vertical configuration , the system has a small footprint and offers possibilities for projects with limited space available. This sorter is often used for outgoing goods, however it is also capable of handling returns.

The LR-sorter is designed with expansion in mind and therefore has a flexible and scalable layout that allows for easy expansion. It offers a range of station options to offer the best fit for your process. In addition we offer different trays and layout options. This includes bidirectional (sorting to the left and right) and unidirectional sorting (to one side only).

Max Rate6,000-8,000 CPH
Min Weight0.044 lbs (0.02 Oz)
Max Weight33 lbs
Min Product Size0.4″ W x 1.57″ L
Max Product Size16″ W x 24″ L

Option 7

The VanRiet HC Sorter features a combination of high speed and narrow slats, which ensures one of the highest capacities in its class. Yet this does not come at the expense of the sorter’s noise level. The application of low-noise and noise absorbing materials leads to the most silent sliding shoe sorter available on the market. This provides our customers a high sorting capacity, while retaining an ergonomic working environment.

Max Rate5,500-18,000 CPH
Min Weight0.55 lbs (8.8 Oz)
Max Weight110 lbs
Min Product Size2″ W x 4″ L
Max Product Size40″ W x 79″ L



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