Mainway Ontario Made MDR conveyor

Mainway Handling Systems is proud to unveil our newly installed project for a century old Canadian freight company handling some of the calmest and sweetest aromas around. We are currently wrapping up our first phase of integration for this growing body, mind and wellness company in need of an integrated system to handle the new influx of orders coming through on a daily basis.

In true integration fashion Mainway incorporated 100 feet of existing gravity conveyor from their receiving and unloading area and integrated it into our newly installed Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) accumulation lines. Mainway installed double stacked MDR lines that will allow the steady flow of product to the downstream packing conveyor lines to be palletized and ready for delivery. Along with our conveyors, our design incorporated ergonomic packing stations, scales, and print & apply label applicators.

If you have exiting lines in your warehouse and need to enhance your operations.
Contact Mainway Handling to discuss how we can integrate the old with new and transform your operations today.



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