Interroll crossbelt sorter

Take a tour of Mainway’s largest project to date for massive courier company

This massive sortation system at over 105,000 sq ft was designed, installed, and serviced by Mainway Handling System and can sort in excess of 8000 packages an hour. Our sortation system can handle a variety of packages including boxes, boxes with straps and ties, large envelopes, soft bundles, polypaks and wooden crates.

Mainway Handling integrated the following materials handling, sortation and conveyor systems in this transformed warehouse.

Interroll Cross-Belt sorter, 100+ feet of conveyor, 6 powered extendable conveyors, 18 gravity extendable conveyors, 10 powered belt turns and merges, 27 steel chutes, structural steel platforms, and 23 WASP unloading aid units. Plus a massive sorter control system consisting of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) along with a master control unit

In addition to the sortation system itself, Mainway integrated seven induction lines all including bottom read scanning, dimensioning, and scales that feed into a five-sided scanning / video coding terminal.

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