Station Exotec ASRS

Mainway Handling is proud to announce that we have been chosen by Exotec as the integrator and supplier of conveyor equipment for Decathlon Canada (a French sporting goods brand, currently with stores in Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia). Decathlon’s existing fulfillment center in Montreal will be upgraded from static pallet racking and shelving to a high-density Goods-To-Person ASRS Skypod System with 30,000 locations. This 39-foot high warehouse will fulfill both e-commerce and retail locations throughout Canada. 


The Skypod System is a retail order picking solution. It offers the best performance on the market while remaining flexible and adaptable to the customer’s needs. What makes it special? The system sizing takes into account storage requirements and flows independently. This allows extreme adaptability to your specifications and allows subsequent phasing as needs evolve.

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