Mainway Modula VLM Automated Lift System

Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are integral to the material handling operations in many warehouses and facilities. This equipment is commonly used for order retrieval, parts storage, and goods-to-person delivery. With its unique design and innovative features, the VLM machine performs a lot of warehouse management duties more efficiently than its counterparts.

The vertical lift module is known for providing high-density material handling solutions in a compact amount of space. In its latest versions, the Modula vertical lift module can save up to 90% of available floor space in warehouses. The vertical lift machines are also flexible, integrating easily across different industrial environments. You can use them with robotic technology, lifting devices, conveyor systems, and barcode scanners for a fully autonomous process.

There are different vertical lift modules designed for various material handling tasks and situations. Each vertical lift comes with its own set of features that can improve productivity, accuracy, and response time. Let’s learn more about the five different types of vertical lift modules for material handling:

1. Modula Lift

Mainway Modula VLM Automated Lift System
Mainway Modula VLM Automated Lift System

The Modula Lift is a reliable and advanced storage system with a long track record of proven success. It is the ideal solution for the storage of industrial products, spare parts, and components for numerous industries. Most companies opt for a Modula vertical lift system to improve and reorganize workflow because of its flexibility, ease of use, overall design, and wide range of models available.

You can use this automated vertical lift module as a standalone system or combine it with WMS (Warehouse Management Software) to optimize operations. The Modula vertical lift system can be further enhanced by a wide range of accessories. Some popular add-ons include the tray accessories, sliding consoles, telescopic bays, and the piece counting scales.

2. Modula OnePick

Mainway Modula VLM Automated Lift System
Mainway Modula VLM Automated Lift System

Modula OnePick is an automatic vertical lifting module that features a unique picking bay, which uses a Cartesian robot. It moves along two axes, X and Y. To ensure the bay integrates seamlessly with belts, conveyors, rollers, and other systems autonomously, it is set at a predefined height.

In the Modula OnePick bay, you can use a gripper to retrieve the box and place it on a conveyor system or external system. Using its advanced mechanisms, this machine can synchronize the tray movements and grip devices to allow precise box retrieval. Even when a tray features a random geometric layout or has more than one row, the Modula OnePick can still reach the materials accurately.

With each material intake, the vertical lift module controls the height of materials, identifies the available spaces in the warehouse, and picks the perfect storage location. Modula OnePick trays come with unique accessories such as dividers and partitions, which organize the trays to allow the storage of different containers and boxes. These accessories make the tray layout easy to modify, allowing you to optimize the spaces between trays.

3. Modula Slim

Mainway Modula VLM Automated Lift System
Mainway Modula VLM Automated Lift System

The Modula Slim is ideal if you are looking for a flexible vertical storage solution with a small footprint. Due to its ergonomic design, the vertical lift module uses minimal floor space and makes the most of storage density. You can use it to store all types of products, including small materials, loose items, spare parts, flasks, and coils. It is also a great storage option for containers like boxes, cartons, bins, and cases.

This vertical material handling lift is powered by intuitive technology that tracks picking and refilling processes accurately. Along with a touchscreen interface and user-friendly controls, the Modula Slim makes material handling easily accessible to operators. You can use this machine to manage inventory levels and monitor stocking activities in warehouses.

The Modula Slim comes equipped with dynamic tray height storage. There are no fixed heights because the vertical lift module identifies the best place to store trays and eliminates wasted space. Its energy consumption is relatively low as the machine can be powered using a three-phase or single-phase supply. It features a V-shaped toothed belt transmission system that is super quiet, does not require lubrication, and has a self-aligning pulley system.

4. Modula Horizontal Carousels

Mainway Horizontal Carousel
Mainway Horizontal Carousel

The Modula Horizontal Carousel offers a new level of safety, reliability, and performance to high-speed picking operations in warehouses where ceiling height is limited. It features a digital co-pilot, which makes item retrieval fast and easy. The Modula HC can be integrated with the WMS or visual picking aids to optimize productivity and accuracy.

This vertical lift module has a picking accuracy of up to 99%, and the duration of return on investment is as little as six months. Its compact, high-density storage areas allow space for more items, while the fast, automatic safety doors shield operators from moving components. The Modula Horizontal Carousel has stop buttons that are easy to reach for emergencies to allow faster machine stoppage.

To achieve higher picking performance, combine multiple Modula HCs. In this configuration, an operator uses Modula Warehouse Management Software to create a batch of orders that are filled all at once. In addition, the Modula Horizontal Carousels feature a variety of accessories and customization options, which you can tailor for different operations.



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